The Situation

"Mom, we need to start the Medicaid application to pay for Dad's nursing home care by getting 5 years of bank statements. What bank do you use?"

 "Oh dear, your father always handled the finances. I think it was ABC Bank...?"

​"​Mom, where is your checkbook?"

 ​   "I think your father always paid everything on the computer..."

"Mom, do you know Dad's password?"

​      "Oh, I don't know and I don't use the computer..."

​After you have had a conversation like this with your loved one, it's time to call EMMA!


The Solution

 EMMA is Elder Medicaid Management Assistance. We help your family obtain the 5 years’ worth of financial and other documents required by Medicaid to pay for your elder’s nursing home/assisted living stay when private funds run out. 

With our elders living longer, it is not unusual for a family to run out of private funds to pay for long term care which can run $16,000 per month. When this happens, families need to file a Medicaid application with their county. 


​​Elder Medicaid Management Assistance, EMMA, LLC:

Helping  you with the Medicaid 5-year "look back" to move your family forward.