EMMA is Elder Medicaid Management Assistance

We help your family obtain the 5 years’ worth of financial and other documents required for Medicaid eligibility to pay for your elder’s nursing home stay when private funds run out. With our elders living longer, it is not unusual for a family to run out of private funds to pay for nursing home care. When this happens, families need to file for Medicaid’s Medically Needy Program. We work with a local elder care law firm for all legal and spend down issues that arise.

What is Medicaid?

In New Jersey, long-term care in a nursing home is prohibitively expensive for most residents. Costs can easily exceed $12,000 month.  Health insurance and Medicare don't cover long term care in a nursing home so that leaves Medicaid.   In fact, most long-term nursing home residents use Medicaid to pay for their nursing home care. To secure Medicaid eligibility, there is a required 5 year look back to see if and when assets were transferred. If you cannot provide proper documentation that explains why a deposit or withdrawal was made within that 5 year period, it may cause a denial of the application or create a penalty period. 

What type of documents are needed for Medicaid requirements for the application?

Bank Statements • Life Insurance Policies • Pension Statements • Marriage Certificate • Divorce Decree • US Military ID • Dividend Checks • Money Market Accounts • Rent Receipts • Telephone Bills • Health Insurance Bills • Renter’s Insurance • Copies of Mortgage Statement • CD’s • Christmas Club  Account • Annuities • Credit Unions Share Accounts • Stocks • Bonds • Copies of Gas/Oil Bills • Birth Certificate • IRA • Burial Plot Information • Lost of Valuables • Prepaid Funeral Contracts • Social Security Checks • Driver’s License • Baptismal Certificate • Passport • Alien Registration Card • Final Adoption • VA Check • Payments from Borders • Federal Income Tax Returns ​and more... 

Emma, LLC will locate all of these documents and more if needed to complete requirements for Medicaid application completion.

​Can EMMA, LLC help with other elder needs?

 YES! Requirement for Medicaid applications may not be all your elder(s) need. We work with a local elder care law firm not only on Medicaid but other services, too. Here are other senior services and resources we can provide. 
Estate planning and health insurance referrals

Should your elder need and updated Will, Power of Attorney papers and more estate planning documents, we refer to experienced law firms. Or it may come to light that the spouse living independently needs better health insurance. We know the right professionals with expertise to help.

 VA Aid and Assistance

An elder in an assisting living community may need funds to help with the rent and levels of care payments before Medicaid is needed. If that spouse’s spouse served in the military, the surviving spouse may be eligible to file for VA Aid and Assistance to off-set the assisted living expenses, which can cost $6,000 or more per month. EMMA, LLC will refer you to experienced professionals to help you apply for this assistance.​
 Executor needs

In time, the family’s executor may need help to probate the Will and other duties to finalize the estate. EMMA can help the family’s executor with this process. 

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